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Similar Tram locos which run on Bentley Miniature Railway

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Lady Helen

Lady Helen was rebuilt for 2005 having spent the last 20 years out of use, it's last run being at Bentley on our opening day back in 1984! In those days it was a petrol-mechanical long wheelbase 4-wheeled vehicle, but was then been rebuilt as a battery-electric with bogies (one powered, the other fitted with vacuum brakes). After it's return Lady Helen provided regular Saturday services for 2 years as well as reversible winter shuttle services. During 2012 Lady Helen was overhauled again and is the driving car permanently coupled to a new set of matching coaches, this new formation is propelled by a petrol-electric arrangement in the rear car. The formation has been amended further for the 2015 season to improve reliability.

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Lord Barry

Following on from the success of Lady Helen the concept of a mate, "Lord Barry was therefore built by a group of members over 12 weeks in the autumn of 2007, and designed to be used with one, two or three passenger carriages sandwiched between the "Lord" and "Lady". 2009 saw this taken one step further with Lady Helen reduced to lighter workings with Lord Barry now part of a newly built, permanently coupled, 5 car train with 2 additional motors, an overall roofing which has made it a permanent fixture on off-peak operations as part of "The Bentley Belle" which is also utilised as part of our Santa Special fleet. Lady Helen meanwhile has gone on to head her own train making the perfect couple.

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Tram 92

This loco has some history at Bentley. Originally it was a visitor way back in 1997 at the Seven and a Quarter Society AGM Rally as a long-wheelbase 0-4-0 tram. More recently it was purchased by a member, the 2012-13 winter saw a substantial rebuild with a new Bo-Bo wheel arrangement installation, the driver's desk was also repositioned so that "very young tram drivers" could also "drive" it. the 2013-14 winter saw major cosmetic improvements with an increase in roof height to aid taller drivers along with an overhaul of the paint which has really freshened the look up as can be seen from the lower photo of the 3 below. Tram 92 usually operates as an overflow on busier days, collecting passengers from our Woodland station, or on its own for Driver Experience trips and special passenger services.

It now has it's own set of sit-astride carriages painted in a corresponding chocolate colour.

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