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Bentley Belle (Tram)

Bentley Miniature Railway has a rich history of Tram units providing a convenient flexible option to transport our passengers in comfort even on inclement days.

At the opening day in 1985 petrol powered Tram Lady Helen ran, in 2005 this returned in new hands and powered by electric motors rather than petrol. A further step was taken when in 2007 a group of members created a second formation named Lord Barry, these units were then able to run in various consists of 2-6 cars and ran frequently either individually or in combination as "The Bentley Belle" until overhaul in 2012 when a petrol generator was added to provide power for longer run times.

These were again a common site during the COVID-19 impacted years of 2020/2021 where additional screens separating passenger compartments provided isolation between family groups.

For 2024 things have changed again and the petrol generator has been removed, returning the Bentley Belle to a 3 car battery powered, all-electric formation ready to help on busy or low staff running days.

Bentley Belle

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