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Bentley Railway's 2018 operating days

The calendar below shows the planned days of operation during 2018.

All dates are scheduled weather, maintenance and staff permitting.

Operating hours:
(green) Peak service days; 11:00am-5:00pm
(yellow) Off-peak service days; 11:30-4:00pm.
(red) Special events days

£1 per person per trip.
This is in addition to park entrance

2018 opening dates at Bentley Miniature Railway

The above calendar is subject to essential maintenance, weather conditions and staff availability, so cannot be guaranteed. This calendar will be updated regularly during the year so please check back for the latest information


Bentley plays host to a number of events during the year, everything from one-make car rallies to regional music festivals.

Other events still to come in the park during 2018:
28-30 September - Woodfair
24 November - Christmas Fair

If you would like to hire the railway to complement an event which you are planning at Bentley then please contact us.

During events up-to-date information can be found on our Facebook page

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