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Locomotives you might see on a visit to the Railway

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1402 (GWR Dart)

The Great Western Railway 14xx Class was designed and built by Charles Collett. These locomotives were originally classified as the 48xx class before being renumbered in 1946. 74 of these locomotives were built in 1932 and took on a Great Western Livery before entering BR.

Over the years there have been 3 different 14xx’s owned and run by different members, numbered 1401, 1402 & 1466. 1402 is currently the only resident 14xx at BMR.

This 7 ¼ model of the GWR 14xx was completed in 2012, built by Andrew Robelou.

1402 arrived at BMR in 2021 and has been a regular runner during events and occasional weekends.




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