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Similar Light Industrial Electric locos which run on Bentley Miniature Railway

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Dock Shunter Jenny

"Jenny" is a 0-4-0 dock shunter, more accustomed to shunting duties in a commercial yard, however can often be seen running lighter service trains around Bentley providing additional services on busy days, and Saturdays. It is also a regular attender at portable track events, including Nutley fete in June, and (until 2016) Brighton Modelworld in February.

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The Bulldogs

These aptly named locomotives have done much sterling work and have often been seen operating the railway single-handedly on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Two of these little battery-electric locos are regularly rostered for Saturdays and early turns on Sundays, while the steamers are being made ready. Although small in size, they can haul 2-car passenger trains for a number of hours on a single charge. The design is based around an 0-4-0 industrial shunting locomotive. Both of these little engines worked hard earning their keep during the construction of the track extension to Glyndebourne wood in 1994/95, and 'Bulldog Spirit' (the green one) featured in the cavalcade of locos on the day when the extension track was completed in June 1995 and proudly took it's place in the 20th aniversary celebrations before undertaking much of the freight traffic required for the 2005/6 track replacement. 'Bulldog Spirit' has recently changed hands and is undergoing a rebuild before returning to service, possibly later in 2015.

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