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Similar LNER J70 Tram locos which run on Bentley Miniature Railway

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Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton is a bespoke build based upon an LNER J70 tram locomotive as used on the Upwell & Wisbech Railway. Since the present owners have purchased the engine, the wheel and motor configuration has been changed. It is now an 0-6-0 and has two motors powering each axle. It runs on 24v using two large leisure batteries, and is powerful enough to pull a two car train all day. The locomotive is very popular with children, as it resembles Toby from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories, as created by Rev. Awdry.

The loco was brought to Bentley Miniature Railway in June 2007, having changed hands since, it can now be seen hauling passenger turns or used for freight movements around the railway.

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