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Similar Hunslet locos which run on Bentley Miniature Railway

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This 0-4-0 loco is based on a Welsh slate quarry loco, and is of the same basic design as Jasmine and Elaine. This loco was a regular steamer at Bentley during the mid-1990s however spent some years idle due to its owner's failing health. The loco changed hands a few years ago and ran frequently during 2012-2014 but was withdrawn after a routine boiler inspection. It returned to service in 2017, and can often be seen training our new drivers in the world of steam operation or helping to haul larger trains (seen here working with Basil).

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Elaine portrays a 1/3rd scale model of Hunslet-designed 0-4-0 saddle tank engines of the well-known "Alice" or "Port" class, so typical of those which operated in the Welsh slate quarries. Elaine is built to the cabless specification making a very sleek, elegant design.

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Maid Marian

Maid Marian first appeared at Bentley Miniature Railway in 2015, and is very similar to Merlin that also runs at the railway.

Like Merlin, despite its size, the loco is more than capable of hauling a 2-3 car train for a whole day.

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Margaret is a 1/3rd scale model of a Hunslet-designed 0-4-0 saddle tank engine of the well-known "Alice" or "Port" class, so typical of those which operated in the Welsh slate quarries. Margaret has a conventional cab, as fitted to the full-size locos when originally delivered from Hunslet in Leeds. Margaret is in regular service on the railway each summer, now resplendent in her newly-applied bodywork livery after receiving a new steel boiler during 2009 when she was formerly known as Jasmine. Margaret can also be seen operating at portable track events.

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Merlin was first seen at Bentley in 2012 and has since seen some modifications to make it more suited to the increased demand at Bentley. It has since become one of the most frequently rostered locos. Despite its small size it is quite capable of hauling a 2-3 car train.

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Quarry Hunslet Golly Gosh

This 5 inch gauge steam loco is seen occasionally throughout the year, most commonly during August. Despite being a relatively small loco it often runs for several hours at a time.

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