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Similar BR Class 31 locos which run on Bentley Miniature Railway

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31271 - Stratford 1840-2001

This was a new 7 1/4" gauge loco for 2010 and is painted in RailFreight livery. The loco includes full working lights. For 2011 the loco was fitted with a 'B' unit to double the tractive effort allowing it to haul 6 car trains equal to the largest steam locos and is frequently seen hauling services on our busiest days.

This locomotive has been fitted with additional controls allowing it to also be used for Driver Experience services, and training our new drivers.

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This loco is a mainstay of operations at Bentley Miniature Railway, it's A1A-A1A formation and large batteries providing massive haulage capabilities.

This loco is one of the most frequent to be seen in passenger service often at the start and end of the day.

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