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20th Anniversary Gallery

This page details our 20th Anniversary, for details of our other events, please click here

Over the weekend of the 4th/5th of June 2005 we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Bentley Miniature Railway. As part of the celebrations we had a number of figures who have, and are important to the railway, including Roy Foster, ex-mayor of Uckfield and one of the members who originally helped set up the railway back in 1985, and the majority of the team who built the extension some 10 years ago.
The passing of the cavalcade is available as a download in WMV format in adition to the photos below

Lady Helen
One of our junior members, at the helm of 'Lady Helen', which, along with the passenger, had both been present at the railways opening.

Certainly our youngest member, driving 5" loco 'Dougie', his diesel engine.

5" loco Hymek, a new loco, hoped to soon be seen at Bentley on a more regular basis.

Western Talisman
5" gauge 'Western Talisman', one of the most recent additions to the stud.

'Apollo' one of the most regular passenger carrying loco's since it's introduction in 2003.
In the cavalcade on Saturday and passenger hauling on Sunday.

Bill Powell
'Bill Powell' has been in the club for many years, now in the hands of it's second owner and named after it's builder and original owner.

'Doreen', a 7 1/4 loco very similar to 'Bill Powell'.

'Elaine', a 7 1/4 hunslet similar to 'Jasmine' (below).

'Jasmine', one of the regular locos on light duties this weekend.

Lady Joy
'Lady Joy', the third 7 1/4inch hunslet on display over the weekend.

'Romulus', as with 'Bill Powell', this loco is in the hands of it's second generation of owner and was heavily involved with the constuction of the extension.

A brand new loco, a 7 1/4inch Hymek on it's first public outing accompanied by a rake of wagons.

Green Hymek
Also new for 2005, another 7 1/4inch Hymek, but in green this time.

'Bulldog' alongside the class 73 and 'Romulus', this carried much of the construction traffic on the extension and for several years was a mainstay of Saturday passenger traffic haulage.

Class 31
'Class 31' an occasional visitor, originally from Scotland.

'Taurus', another loco which has been involved with the railway for many years, and took part in both the cavalcade and passenger duties.

Class 73
With the honour of being last train in the cavalcade, 7 1/4 inch class 73 which worked alongside 'Bulldog' on the construction of the extension.

The Cake
To celebrate the occasion, a special cake was baked and officially cut by Roy Foster, one of the founders of Bentley Miniature Railway and ex-mayor of Uckfield.

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